Master Artwork 360

  • Packaging Design 2D
  • 360° all around design
  • Line extensions

Our central task is packaging design. This is because more than 50% of the purchasing decision for food is made directly at the point of sale. Through a unique product or packaging design, we manage to successfully distinguish brands in the highly competitive market. Only through appreciation does the product achieve the optimum added value.

Our passion for designing food packaging stems from our joy of paving the way for the sensory process of daily eating to combine with the enjoyment of engaging designs. We have the privilege of bringing design into people’s everyday lives and, by doing so, to create incredible experiences around food. In short: we package flavour.

From stand-up pouches to drinks cans to folding boxes: we know that food packaging is more than just a shell designed to protect the product and guarantee its shelf life. When not packaged in the right way, food products can all look the same; the different flavours and levels of enjoyment offered by the different products are anything but obvious.

A well thought-out design and the feel of the packaging, on the other hand, make the food product a multi-sensory experience even before purchase: a crackling chip bag or the shiny foil of a chocolate bar with a tempting product image let the enjoyment begin in the supermarket. Likewise, the way in which the packaging of a food product is presented also decisively determines the perceived value of a brand and its products. In the end, it’s often the packaging that makes the difference between just buying food and choosing enjoyable food.

Whereas in the corner store the sales assistant was still the most important source of information for the consumer, it is now the task of well thought-out packaging design to create orientation and differentiation for consumers at the supermarket shelf, the fresh food counter or the refrigerated shelf – and to set the right buying impulses.

Classic functions of packaging for food

  • Container ensures safety during transport
  • Maintaining shelf-life
  • Protection of the product from external influences such as light and air
  • Origin identifiability

What food packaging must additionally achieve today

  • Attract attention through learned codes & new stimuli with the stop-hold-close method
  • SKU must authentically convey the brand image and act as the face of the brand
  • Maintain brand loyalty, secure repeat purchases
  • Create an emotive experience around the product & its functional values
  • Ensure distinctiveness from the competition at the POS and emphasize the uniqueness of the product

This requirement for the packaging to communicate is key in this neo-ecological era in which purchase decisions are based on questions of health and sustainability, as well as enjoyment. Together with our customers, we want to use contemporary design to provide orientation and to represent the change in dietary and lifestyle habits in an authentic way.