Small-batch dummy construction

  • Realistic prototypes
  • Market research services or exhibitions and trade fairs
  • 3D printing

No artwork leaves our office before it has been tested as a haptic prototype. We can also produce small batches of high-quality sample packaging. If you are looking to stay really agile, check out our Top Tool: we combine design sprints with rapid prototyping for packaging and fast user tests conducted in our food truck.

We develop brand worlds and narratives on behalf of our customers, and fine-tune the look of a product until it ticks all the boxes – and we do all of this on a screen. But, at the end of the day, packaging is three-dimensional and it takes effect within and in line with its surroundings. That is why we analyse packaging in a form that can be touched and felt – as early as possible and as realistically as is required. In other words, with a prototype!

The benefits of prototyping are obvious:

  • Prototypes allow you to assess the impact of the design in 3D and in the original size
  • You can compare different packaging solutions
  • It brings the interplay between packaging and food to life
  • Early user tests allow for genuine customer feedback – without expensive production!