Bonjour Nestlé.

We love to design food packaging & POS materials for you. We have been officially listed as a preferred supplier for Nestlé since 2014. Do you want to share your next design challenge with us?

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In recent years we have established our own, consistent way of delivering state-of-the-art design – mainly for the confectionery brand management based in Frankfurt. We first contacted your HQ in 2020 and are happy to meet you wherever you may be in the world to discuss new design projects with you. 🚀

These Nestlé project types are our daily business.

Design to Delivery (D2D) project types


High strategic implication

  • Brand/product repositioning
  • Breakthrough NPD
  • New brand creation


Medium strategic implication

  • Brand/product optimisation
  • Complex range introduction
  • New complex variant
  • Strategic limited edition


Low strategic implication

  • New variant or simple range extension
  • Simple adaptation
  • Pack promotion
  • Front-of-pack claims
  • Artwork adaptation

For both: Strategic and adaptive design projects.

Design to Delivery (D2D) agency types

Strategic design agency

  • Packaging design project types A & B
  • Master design files
  • Innovation
  • Visual identity & guidelines
  • Retail design

Adaptive design agency

  • Packaging adaptation of all design project types, as well as core design partner for project types C.
  • Master design files for all other SKUs
  • POSM & shopper activation materials (creating graphics)
  • Sales materials
  • Internal & corporate print comms

Yes, we do shopper activation and trade marketing too!

We are one of the leading food packaging design agencies in Germany and we see ourselves as a partner of change.

Vision statement

We see our future in conjunction with the growing trend towards digitalisation, accompanied by people’s rediscovery of analogue products. We want to play a leading role in shaping this future by creating synaesthetic product experiences that move people.

Our particular area of expertise lies in acquiring a deeper understanding of food and letting it flow into the design. In doing so, we rely on our craftsmanship and specialist knowledge of the food and drink market. Our clients find their way to us via a shared love of food and a belief in the real added value that design can deliver.

Mission statement

The task for us and our clients over the coming years is to reimagine the packaging and marketing of food from a neo-environmental perspective. We want to play our part in shaping this future in a meaningful way and to generate added value by taking a holistic approach to product design.

Food packaging design for the love of food.

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Our design process permits the holistic development of food & beverages brands. Take some time and get to know us better by checking out our idea-to-market process.


We design and create out of love for food. Food packaging design and innovation would be impossible without studying tastes, products and concepts on a daily basis. So we keep our eyes open and actively follow product ranges, consumer trends and behaviour to keep abreast of all the latest media and design trends within the food industry.

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Product idea

We develop innovative product concepts, accompany the packaging development from the very start and act as an “Innovation Lab” for our customers. We present new food packaging concepts at regular intervals and develop the best ideas to a final prototype.

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Recipe development

We can provide inspiration for recipe development for new products in our Food Lab – the place where we experiment with flavours and design. We don’t see flavours and packaging as two distinct areas. We believe they go together and influence each other.

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Design vision

Our work focuses on the interplay between optics, haptics, flavours, aromas and acoustics – always with the aim of developing synaesthetic products that speak to all the senses. Together with our clients, we are able to turn design visions into branding that leads the way for years to come and that makes our customers more successful over the long term as a result.

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3D product design

Structured packaging design for food products is often an economical challenge. But those who can spot the changing times can see that it is worth investing in forward-looking materials to package products in an expedient way. Our Material Lab is on hand to provide the right concept and a unique design.

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Packaging design

Our key focus is on the packaging design. This is because over 50% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. A unique product or packaging design allows us to successfully distinguish brands amongst hard-fought competition. The product will only achieve optimum added value when it is fully appreciated.

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Product range

The importance of brands has been on an upward trajectory in recent years. We know how to create an appearance that can be systematically adapted to cover a range of items. And adaptable concepts are not just in demand when it comes to brand design. We develop your product range so that it is both stylish and designed with technology in mind – and we do this for even large ranges.

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No artwork leaves our office before it has been tested as a haptic prototype. We can also produce small batches of high-quality sample packaging. If you are looking to stay really agile, check out our Top Tool: we combine design sprints with rapid prototyping for packaging and fast user tests conducted in our food truck.

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The best design concept is only as good as the technology used for its production allows. Or, to put it another way: expertise in printing techniques, materials and finishing options can enhance the creation. Our daily work requires that we are familiar with technical and legal requirements, and we ensure that we comply with these.

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Once a prototype has been successfully tested, we accompany the market launch with trade communications and develop the appearance of the products or brands on their journey to your customers. We implement shopper activation at the point of sale or create attention at other points of experience for our clients.

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Are you looking for agile design processes? We are the experts.