Our bee colony

We have been sponsoring a bee colony and 100 sq m of natural bee pasture through our participation in the beeswe.love project. We have been supporting our bees since 2019 and trying to learn more about nature’s fragile systems.

You can read about campaigns from previous years and the latest news in our food magazine.

Ten good reasons to protect the bees

1. A large proportion of plants, gardens and fruit and vegetable yields depend on pollination by bees.

2. Without bees we would only be able to harvest half the amount, our fruit and vegetables would be smaller, lower in vitamins and of a poorer quality.

3. Bees provide a global economic benefit of around 265 billion euros. And in Germany? 2.7 billion euros! 

4. Germany is home to 584 different wild species of bees. 39 species have already become extinct. Half of all bee species are threatened with extinction! Monocultures, pesticides, disease and parasites are all endangering the insects. 

5. Honey bees are the third most-important farmed animal in Germany, after cows and pigs. (Unfortunately Europe’s bee population has fallen by around 10% over the past decade.)

6. Almost 80 percent of all crops and wild plants are pollinated by the western honey bee. 

7. According to observations, of the 100 plant species that provide over 90 percent of human food, 71 are pollinated by bees.

8. Cultivated plants like cocoa, vanilla and passion fruit are 100 percent reliant on pollination by bees. 

9. Insect pollination increases the fruit yield for stoned and pomaceous fruits by 40 percent. 

10. Birds, beetles, hedgehogs, mice, squirrels and more animals eat seeds and fruits that wouldn’t exist without pollination.

A world without bees is unthinkable. Our Food Lab also loves the honey from our bees and has already used it in a number of ways. Thanks to our 3 chefs, developing recipes is also one of our strengths and something we offer alongside our packaging design.