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Better Bottle

It took “For The Better Good” founder Jayden Klinacneine several years to develop a water bottle that is fully compostable. Since then, his organization produces bottles as well as their labels based on plants. The high starch content in corn enables the formation of a long sugar molecule structure, which can then be further processed into a plastic alternative. The natural product can be biodegraded after use in a 55 °C compost within 27 days. For this, the team started an experiment by placing a used Better Bottle in a conventional compost and observing it for days. Already after 10 minutes the success, a deformation of the bottle, was recorded. After another 5 days, only the label was left, and after 27 days, there was hardly any remnant of the product. Due to the decomposition into only water and CO2, no environmental pollution takes place. To extend the life of the Better Bottle, the startup offers approximately 140 refill stations throughout New Zealand.

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Product Name: Better Bottle
Manufacturer: For The Better Good
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: For The Better Good
Image Source: For The Better Good

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