Biopolymer films

EarthFirst® PLA

PSI, a globally active manufacturer of films based on biopolymers, sees itself as a companion to its customers on the way to a sustainable packaging world, which not only takes economic aspects into account, but also social and ecological aspects. EarthFirst® PLA is the leading bio-polymer packaging film. Less is more here: at just one-third the thickness and weight of conventional film, the material could remove 750,000 tons of packaging material from the waste streams of North America and Europe. In addition, EarthFirst® PLA is made from renewable raw materials and is compostable; it decomposes completely into natural, organic matter. EarthFirst® PLA is available for various application:

EarthFirst® High Performance Sealant Films – Non Barrier:
Ultra-light film with already very good barrier properties in terms of flavor, aroma and fat.

EarthFirst® High Performance Sealant Films – Barrier:
Airtight sealable, with only 50% material thickness compared to conventional films.

EarthFirst® Shrink Label Film TDO:
Shrink film that can be processed at exceptionally low temperatures, making it particularly energy-efficient in processing.

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Product name: EarthFirst® Bipolymer Films
Manufacturer: Sidapl ax
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production


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