Food: Beverages (with alcohol)


Loofah bottle packaging – During a stay in Taiwan, Dorian Etienne developed a bottle packaging from a regional product, the gourd plant “loofah”. The natural fibers obtained from them multiply quickly and have high durability. Since the spongy pumpkin has shock-absorbing properties, the material is particularly suitable for transport packaging. Thanks to the loofah material, the bottle packaging[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Changhua Dorian Etienne

Snap Pack – Nature Multipack

Less material consumption due to optimized adhesive – The “Snap Pack” packaging solution introduced by the Carlsberg Group as part of its “Together Towards ZERO” sustainability program is a glued-together can multipack that requires no secondary packaging. With the aim of reducing the Group’s global plastics consumption by 1,200 metric tons per year, a specially developed adhesive was developed that has the[...]

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MILK MaterialLab SnapPack Nature Multipack Carlsberg