SmartSolve Water Soluble Paper

Paper That Can Dissolve In Seconds – SmartSolve water-soluble stock is an eco-friendly material crafted from wood pulp fibers sourced from the Forest Steward Council (FSC) and a natural cellulose component. When exposed to water, the cellulose component dissolves while the wood pulp fibers separate and remain. Microorganisms and bacteria aid in the further breakdown of the wood pulp fibers, ensuring[...]

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Ponto Biodesign

Bacterial cellulose film – Ponto Biodesign offers a sustainable alternative to plastic-based packaging materials. It is obtained from a mixture consisting of water, bacterial and yeast cultures (scoby), which – spread on a smooth surface and dried – produces a bacterial cellulose film with paper-like properties. On contact with water, the material develops an adhesive effect that can[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Ponto Biodesign Elena Amato