Food: Single-Use Packaging and Cutlery

SEA Tech™ Resin

Seaweed Based Resin – SEA Tech™ resins are engineered to replace traditional plastic with regenerative, carbon-capturing seaweed-based materials. These resins resemble conventional plastic but are designed to disappear, addressing the issue of plastic waste. Beyond their Blue Carbon Straw, the company aims to expand its product portfolio to include items like utensils, cups, lids, and take-out containers. Having[...]

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Peel Saver

Potatoes Held by Potatoes – Paolo Stefano Gentile concept revolves around employing this material for crafting street food packaging. The potato peel contains starches and fiber components, which, through maceration and natural drying, gain the capacity to bond and solidify. This resulting material is entirely derived from food production waste and is fully biodegradable. Once the packaging fulfills its[...]

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Tastee Tape

Edible Tape For Messy Meals – Tastee tape is tape you can eat while holding those messy meals like wraps. Tastee Tape is a fun and useful way to hold your food together and keep your meals mess-free. With no waste afterwards. Made entirely from edible fibres. #messfree #wrapsforlife #saveawrap #foodtape #foodglue #innovativefooddesign Product Name: Tastee TapeManufacturer: Tastee TapeProject Status:[...]

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