Printing method for pasta

MILK MaterialLab 3D-Pastadrucker Barilla
MILK MaterialLab 3D-Pastadrucker Barilla

Pasta 3D Printer

The 3D printer uses dough cartridges filled with a mixture of durum wheat flour and water. This makes it possible to produce individual pasta shapes within two minutes, which could not be realized with conventional production processes. In addition to the appearance, the taste and consistency can also convince compared to classically produced pasta.

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Product name: 3D Pasta Printer
Manufacturer: Barilla & TNO

Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Peters, Sascha; Drewes, Diana: Materials in Progress. Innovations for Designers and Architects, Basel 2019, p. 188.
Image source: Barilla & TNO