Wheat Bran Disposable Tableware

MILK MaterialLab Biotrem Geschirr aus Weizenkleie
MILK MaterialLab Biotrem Geschirr aus Weizenkleie MILK-MaterialLab-Biotrem-Geschirr-aus-Weizenkleie-6


Growing up in a family that had already been running a mill for decades, Jerzy Wysocki decided to give the residual product of grain milling, wheat bran, a use. He developed a natural material from the grain shell and a small amount of water, which is suitable for use as disposable tableware by hot pressing. Biotrem does not contain any chemical substances and is suitable for industrial and home composting. Due to the resistance in ovens and microwaves it is possible to use the variable size plates, bowls, dishes as well as cutlery sets for both cold and hot dishes. Up to 15 million copies of the resistant packaging solution can be produced annually using 15,000 tons of wheat bran. The products are vegan and lactose-free, but not gluten-free.

Product Name: Biotrem
Manufacturer: BIOTREM SP. Z O.O.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Image source: BIOTREM SP. T O.O