A Circular Economy Box and Shipping Service

Custom Branded Reusable Shipping Boxes

Boox Boxes were created with circular economy in mind. Due to its mono material design and no need of tape, Boox can be reshipped numerous times before being fully recycled back to a new shipping box. In preventing the use of one time use cardboard, the tough and waterproof boxes can be personally designed, branded, then kept by customers, or returned through the company’s cash back and rewards program. Re-commerce programs are also in place.

Brands can pack and ship as usual, Boox handles the rest. They recover the boxes from customers, and extend their life in a turnkey, zero-waste, closed loop system.

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Product Name: Boox Box
Manufacturer: Boox
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Boox
Image source: Boox