Matrix Recyclable Ready Breathable Wrap For Dairy Products

A More Sustainable Cheese Packaging

DairySeal™ is a more sustainable packaging solution for cheeses from Amco’s recycle-ready line EcoGuard™. As a paper-based wrap, it contains no paraffin and ensures soft cheeses can mature both naturally and in a controlled space. The absence of paraffin also reduces water use through the reduced need of cleaning, and enhances product safety for consumers. Conventional cheese packaging commonly consists of PP. DairySeal™is developed with Amcor’s in-house ready recycle paper-based material Amfiber™. The packaging has been designed and tested to easily enter the recycling paper streams of most countries.

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Product Name: DairySeal™ Amfiber™
Manufacturer: Amcor Limited
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source:  Amcor Limited
Image source:  Amcor Limited