Sustainable Plastic Labels

Forest Film

With Forest Film, UPM Raflatac introduces a novel material for plastic labels. Forest Film is made from 100% renewable wood-based raw materials in an ISCC-certified value chain. The material was developed in cooperation with UPM Biofuels and is based on the innovative UPM BioVerno Naphtha – a fully wood-based solution from sustainably managed forests. In this process, a residual material from pulp production, so-called crude tall oil, is made usable. This is used in the production of UPM BioVerno – the Forest Film base material. The material is thus an exciting alternative to plastics and embodies UPM Raflatac’s mission to replace non-renewable materials with renewable and recyclable alternatives.

Product Name: Forest Film
Manufacturer: UPM Raflatac
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: UPM Raflatac
Image source: UPM Raflatac