Tasty Fruit to Vegan Leather

Leather Made From Mangoes

To bring awareness and combat food waste Fruitleather Rotterdam has given wasted mangoes a new life. With every shipment of mangoes, many are deemed unsellable due to bruising or quality control. After collecting these mangoes locally, Fruitleather Rotterdam begins their process of upcycling the lost mangoes. Through a process that converts mango fibers into a vegan leather-like material, they provide a high quality versatile product which can be made into footwear, fashion accessories, upholstery, furnishing, and more. The Netherlands based company has the vision to spread awareness of the food waste issue and how waste can be converted into the circular economy.

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Product Name: Fruitleather
Manufacturer: Fruitleather Rotterdam
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Fruitleather
Image Source: Fruitleather