The Clay Cup To-Go

Made From Earth & Returned to Earth

Using only three ingredients: clay, water, and salt, Gaeastar tackles to replace plastic to go cups with a more natural alternative. Inspired by the commonly used clay cups at tea stands in India, the company has developed their own cups, that are 3D printed and can be easily engraved with custom logos and images. As a geo-neutral option Gaestar aims to eliminate the step (and energy) of recycling. After use cups can be tossed back into earth where they will naturally break down. To lower carbon footprints further, they produce with only locally raw and responsibly sourced materials at their decentralized micro-factories in San-Francisco and Berlin.

The cups are easily stackable, leakproof, and are suitable for cold and hot drinks. Additional clay cup sizes and bowls may be introduced later in their product line.

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Product Name: Clay Cup
Manufacturer: GaeaStar Corp.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: GaeaStar Corp.
Image source: GaeaStar Corp.