A Paper Better than Plastic

The Recyclable Translucent Paper to Replace Plastic Film

Glasswing is a high performance heat-sealable, translucent paper designed as a sustainable alternative to plastic films. It reduces plastic usage by 70% and is recyclable with paper waste. The versatile material is suited as an overwrapper for perfume and cosmetic products, along with packaging solutions for food items, stationery items and books. It offers high heat seal strength and fast processing speeds. The material has been validated for use on Sollas machines. This eco-friendly, cost-competitive material (in comparison to LDPE film) is a step forward in eliminating plastic pollution, inspired by the resilience and transparency of the Glasswing butterfly.

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Product Name: Glasswing
Manufacturer: one.five
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: one.five GmbH
Image Source: one.five GmbH