No Hassle Freshness Solutions

A Satchet and Label Preventing Produce Decay

Hazel Technologies offers two easy to use solutions in the fight against food waste:

Hazel Breatheway® is a next-gen Modified Atmospher Packaging (MAP) product, that keeps fruit and vegetable in higher quality and resiliency during transit. Breatheway® customizes its crop-specific temperature switch membranes to match the permeability (or permeation rate) with the unique respiration rate of the produce. When CO2 spikes, Breatheway’s membrane expels excess CO2 and stabilizes O2, regulating the gas balance and preventing decay.

Hazel 100™ offers a convenient solution for preserving produce by utilizing 1-MCP to mitigate the effects of ethylene gas. As fruits and vegetables release ethylene during aging, their decay accelerates, affecting quality and shelf life. By introducing 1-MCP, the production and absorption of ethylene are reduced, slowing down the aging process. The palm-sized box sachet contains a specially formulated dosage for individual boxes of produce, making application effortless. With no need for additional training, equipment, or infrastructure, Hazel 100 offers a straightforward and effective method for crop treatment. Its tailored formulations cater to specific crops, ensuring optimal preservation without complexity.

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Product Name: Hazel Breatheway® & Hazel 100™
Manufacturer: Hazel Technologies, Inc
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Hazel Technologies
Image Source: Hazel Technologies