Paper bowl
With thin
Film layer
for cheese & co


Mondi is a global packaging and paper group with a focus on sustainability. The company wants to contribute to a better world with innovative packaging and paper solutions. Using paper where possible and relying on plastic where it makes sense – this strategy is “The Mondi Way”. Following this principle, the ecological packaging solution PerFORMing was also developed for the cheese products of the Austrian dairy SalzburgMilch. This combines a flat paper tray with a thin film layer for optimum freshness.

By switching from fully plastic-based trays to PerFORMing, SalzburgMilch can reduce its plastic consumption by about 40 tons per year. Mondi obtains the wood required for the paper components of PerFORMing and its other packaging either from its own sustainably managed forests or from responsible external sources. From the management of forests and the production of pulp, paper and plastic films to the development and manufacture of effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions: Sustainability is at the heart of the company’s activities. The Mondi Action Plan 2030 sets out the actions Mondi intends to take in the coming years to achieve its ambitious 2030 sustainability commitments.

Product name: Mondi PerFORMing
Manufacturer: Mondi
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Mondi
Image source: Mondi