Biodegradable carrier bags & bottles

MILK MaterialLab Naku Sackerl NAKU
MILK MaterialLab Naku Sackerl NAKU
MILK MaterialLab Naku Sackerl NAKU


NaKu Bio-Bag (carrier bag)

The compostable bag, made from natural plastic, is an alternative to traditional plastic bags made from corn starch and the waste from sunflower hulls. The NaKu company succeeded in processing the large quantities of leftovers from the food industry into plastic-free and environmentally friendly products. The resulting sacks were produced in a CO2-neutral manner and primarily serve as organic waste sacks that are biodegradable within a few weeks and yet water-resistant. This climate-friendly alternative not only protects the environment, but also people and animals.

NaKu PLA Bottle Drinking bottle

10 times cheaper and 20 times lighter is the Austrian company’s drinking bottle produced from lactic acid. The lactic acid obtained in sugar and starch is not only a renewable raw material, but moreover completely harmless in contact with food. The recyclable alternative is thus a natural cover for juices, dairy products and other beverages and food. Similar to the NaKu Sackerl, the drinking bottle is also compostable.

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Product name: NaKu bags & drinking bottles
Manufacturer: NaKu NaKu
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: NaKu
Image source: NaKu