Natural film made from renewable raw materials


It may be amazing, but the foil in which the VIVANI chocolates are packaged is actually not plastic – although it looks the same. This is a NatureFlex™ film made from renewable raw materials, more precisely cellulose from sustainably controlled cultivation. A real packaging innovation that offers higher aroma protection than conventional plastic film such as PE film. Since it is manufactured on the basis of sustainably sourced wood fibers, it can easily be disposed of in the home garden compost or in the residual waste, where it can be recycled thermally in a sensible manner. Under good composting conditions, the film will completely decompose within 50 days. It is recommended to shred the film before composting. This promotes the decomposition process. Even the red tear strip used in some VIVANI products is suitable for composting. The paper wrappers and cardboard boxes of the chocolate bars are also FSC-MIX® certified and printed with mineral oil-free inks. (If no home compost is available, the film belongs in the residual waste. Unfortunately, the film has not yet been approved by the disposal companies for organic waste).

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Product name: NatureFlex™
Manufacturer: Futamura Chemical UK, Ltd.
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Futamura
Image source: Futamura