Feather Packed Thermal Insulation

Non-Plastic Non-Petroleum Based Thermal Insulator

PluumoPlus feather packed packaging is the first sustainable insulation and thermal packaging solution. Feathers are made of keratin, a protein that is both chemically resistant and physically strong. Their microscopic, hollow structure makes them some of the lightest natural fibers and excellent thermal insulators.

As a response to combating plastic in the cold chain and food delivery industry, PluumoPlus uses the natural and abundant surplus of feathers from the poultry industry to produce their nature-based packaging. After being collected and cleaned, Pluumo transforms the feathers into a textile that can be tailored to suit customer needs. Unlike polystyrene, which is petroleum-based and takes centuries to degrade, Pluumo uses hypo-allergenic feathers and biodegradable materials for its binding and outer film. Designed to match polystyrene’s insulation performance, Pluumo is an eco-friendly choice that is fully compostable under EN13432 standards.

Pluumo’s also hosts a recycling program to reuse materials and reduce the need for new packaging. Customers can return used liners via free postage or drop them off at over 7,400 UK locations for reprocessing into new liners.

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Product Name: PluumoPlus
Manufacturer: Aeropowder Ltd.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Aeropowder Ltd.
Image Source: Aeropowder Ltd.