Transport Packaging for Temperature-Sensitive Foods

No Tape and Recyclable

SEAclic Box transport solutions are designed specifically for shipping fresh foods like fish, maintaining the cold chain and absorbing impacts effectively. They are lightweight, EU food packaging regulations compliant, and prioritize safety and quality. Additionally, these boxes feature an environmentally friendly and user-friendly design.

The click mechanism ensures secure closure without the need for adhesive or strapping tape, thus saving resources and reducing waste. Storopack customers can choose between two sustainable material options based on their specific needs.

SEAclic BOX CCYCLED – Crafted from Styropor Ccycled by BASF, an EPS base created through the groundbreaking ChemCycling™ method that recycles mixed and contaminated plastics.

SEAclic BOX – Manufactured using traditional EPS, a material that is fully recyclable.

Product Name: SEAclic Box
Manufacturer: STOROpack Hans Reichnecker GmbH
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: STOROpack Hans Reichnecker GmbH
Image source: STOROpack Hans Reichnecker GmbH