Sous vide bag


Vacuum bags are a food packaging with many advantages. For hygienic storage of food, vacuum sealing is an excellent method. Gentle cooking of food directly in the bag, which is placed in hot water for a longer period of time for this purpose (sous-vide cooking), has also become indispensable in modern kitchens and is also highly relevant for convenience products for home and commercial kitchens. However, a major drawback is that classic vacuum bags are made of plastic, ultimately creating large amounts of plastic waste with each package and cooking process. With SustainaPouch, now introduces a home-compostable, food-safe vacuum bag that has all the advantages of the classic bag while generating no waste. The 80-mu chamber vacuum bags are a sealable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic tubular bags, making them well-suited for packaging fresh produce, refrigerated foods, meat and poultry. SustainaPouch consists of a certified home compostable flexible film made from rice, potatoes, corn and a fossil fuel copolymer (30-80 μm). The material has excellent seal strength and high transparency. The innovation has been specifically designed to withstand the temperatures involved in sous vide cooking and to be used for storing any type of food. The SoustainaPouch can withstand temperatures of up to 85 °C for 12 hours, while other pouches would swell and delaminate.

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Product Name: SustainaPouch
Manufacturer: Sousvidetools
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Sousvidetools
Image source: Sousvidetools