Secondary packaging from spent grains


TREBODUR is produced exclusively from spent grains, a waste product of beer production. The proteins contained bind the brewing residues to form a homogeneous woody material. Therefore, it is ideal for short-lived products, such as disposable packaging, which can be composted very well (even in home composting systems). The proteins contained in the residues of the brewing process are activated under heat and pressure in a metal mold to be formed primarily into solid parts. The material returns to the natural cycle after a defined period of use and provides nutrients to the soil. All products made of TREBODUR do not contain any additives for material binding. This ensures that the products have no impact on the environment and health.

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Product name: Trebodur
Manufacturer: Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Art and Design, Niko Stoll & Tillmann Schrempf
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Green Product Award
Image source: Green Product Award