Organic products from biomass of wine production

MILK MaterialLab Tresta Katharina Hölz


200,000 tons of wine press waste (stems, seeds, skins) – so-called pomace – are produced in Germany every year. The majority remains unused. As a sustainable designer, Katharina Hölz introduces this biomass into a new life cycle. So she developed materials and products from pomace that are naturally renewable and biodegradable. The press residues are combined with natural binders – the material for wine coolers and lamps that are visually, haptically and olfactorily convincing. Color, odor, sapor. Color, aroma, taste, to this concise formula already the Romans brought the essence of wine. Enjoying wine means: All senses are addressed. The tresta® products consistently take up this idea. The unique design pays homage to the typical Moselle flail bottle. Divided in two, a lamp and a wine cooler result: lichtgewæchs and kühlgewæchs.

The design objects from tresta® inspire not only aesthetes, but also people with a fine nose. Because organic is both the harmonious design language and the material and so the lamp as well as the wine cooler exude a subtle must scent.

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Product name: tresta®
Manufacturer: tresta by Katharina Hölz

Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: tresta®
Image source: tresta