Sustainable thermal packaging

MILK MaterialLab Vericool Thermopackaging
MILK MaterialLab Vericool Thermopackaging MILK-MaterialLab-Vericool-Thermopackaging-3


Since traditional Styrofoam containers are not biodegradable, Vericool® has developed various thermal designs that keep the contents at constant temperatures. The compostable insulation, consisting of renewable and already consumed materials, can be disposed of in the household compost after a long period of use, thus preventing ecological pollution. Vericool® is particularly suitable for transporting food and medicines, as it is robust, flexible in size and reusable.

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Product name: Vericool
Manufacturer: Vericool, Inc.
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Vericool, Inc.
Image source: Vericool, Inc.