Produce Stickers That Prolong Food Life

Keeping Produce Fresh Longer Got Much Easier

Ethylene is essential for produce growth and ripening, but it can lead to over-ripening and spoilage after harvest. For nearly two decades, 1-MCP has been a recognized and safe method for safeguarding post-harvest produce from ethylene damage. Traditionally, 1-MCP is administered in airtight rooms for a 24 hour period to ensure exposure. Vidre+ offers a patented technology that coats labels and stickers with humidity-activated 1-MCP. These stickers gradually release 1-MCP in high humidity environments within produce packaging, safeguarding produce during storage, shipment, and at retail markets. Unlike traditional methods, these user-friendly stickers don’t require airtight rooms, allowing immediate shipment or storage while ensuring protection from ethylene.

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Product Name: Vidre+
Manufacturer: Fresh Inset S.A
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Fresh Inset S.A
Phot Source: Fresh Inset S.A