Edible Takeaway Goods

Mit dem essbaren Löffel aus
Der essbare Trinkhalm aus Getreide und Apfelfasern
Der essbare Kaffeebecher von Wisefood sieht zum Anbeißen aus.


Eat up instead of throwing away: Wisefood offers a sustainable alternative to disposables with edible cutlery and tableware. The company, which emerged from a student project, started with an edible drinking straw, the SUPERHALM. The alternative to the plastic straw is made from grain and apple fiber – a by-product of apple juice production – and is thus made entirely from renewable resources. The innovation was developed in response to the waste generated by single-use products and the ban on single-use plastic in the EU.

With its now broad product range, Wisefood is aimed at private customers, restaurants and businesses alike and has the right alternative made from regenerative, biodegradable materials ready for almost every conceivable consumption situation. Whether edible cutlery, edible tableware, edible chopsticks, edible cake popsticks, edible cups, edible bowls and many other food products – all items should convince with very good durability and usability in addition to the ecological advantages. For example, according to the manufacturer, SUPERHALM remains stable for 60 minutes in cold drinks, as the product is made from highly stable raw materials and is also compressed under high pressure and temperature and then dried using a special process.

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Product Name: Wisefood
Manufacturer: Wisefood
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Wisefood
Image source: Wisefood