The First Drop-In Plastic Replacement Material

Natural Polymers That Fully Biodegrade

Xampla has developed innovative, sustainable materials that serve as high-performance alternatives to traditional plastics. These materials, produced from natural feedstocks, completely biodegrade in marine and soil environments, addressing the issue of plastic pollution. Xampla aims to combat plastic pollution by providing like-for-like plastic replacements in the natural polymers industry. They have developed industry shifting products such as their pea-based edible sachet, biodegradable microcapsules, and natural paper coatings.

Products: Completely pea based edible seasoning sachet (Gousto Partnership); microcapsules used to encase Vitamin D for softdrinks (Britvic Partnership)

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Product Name: Xampla
Manufacturer: Xampla
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Ready for Series Production

Source: Xampla Limited
Image Source: Xampla Limited