Better Bottle

Biodegradable water bottle – It took “For The Better Good” founder Jayden Klinacneine several years to develop a water bottle that is fully compostable. Since then, his organization produces bottles as well as their labels based on plants. The high starch content in corn enables the formation of a long sugar molecule structure, which can then be further[...]

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biodegradable drinking bottle
– The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is made of a petroleum-based polymer and is a sustainable alternative to conventional single-use plastic bottles due to its environmental compatibility. It can be completely recycled into biological and technical cycles, thus offering a reuse of degradable material. The Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ polymer, which demonstrates the maximum in material health, also promises[...]

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Oranges PET

Bioplastic bottle made from orange peel – Made purely from plant-based materials, the “green” PET bottle was designed by Pepsi to offer consumers a fully recyclable alternative to traditional PET bottles. Renewable resources such as switchgrass, pine bark and orange peel serve as feedstock and enable the production of the bioplastic through a combination of chemical and biological processes. It also[...]

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Water bottle
from paper
– CHOOSE is a bottle made of paper. It consists of a paper cover with a waterproof, plant-based, PET-free layer. The materials used are natural, sustainable, vegan, and degrade in a year rather than the hundreds of years it takes a plastic bottle. The paper is made from recycled newsprint, and the labels are printed[...]

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Ocean Bottle

Plastic bottle thermos – With its reusable water bottle, the Ocean Bottle company is making a contribution to counteracting the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans. Made from recycled biomaterial and plastic waste, the Ocean Bottle itself can dive into the recycling loop. The recycling idea is complemented by the promise that 1,000 more plastic bottles will be[...]

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Sip of water
– NOTPLA’s edible packaging was described in the media as the “bottle of the future” back in 2015. With “We make packaging disappear”, the company promises to counteract packaging waste through their flexible and edible shell, thus reducing plastic use. The “unpackaged” liquids are particularly advantageous for large events and can be used in the[...]

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Algae Water Bottle

Bottle from
– Ari Jonsson has developed the concept for a water bottle made of agar-agar, which rots within a few days after use. For this purpose, agar-agar is brought to a boil with water and a gelled mass is formed. This is then poured into a frozen mold. Filled with water, this construct stabilizes. Without liquid,[...]

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Naku Bio Bag & PLA Bottle

Biodegradable carrier bags & bottles – NaKu Bio-Bag (carrier bag) The compostable bag, made from natural plastic, is an alternative to traditional plastic bags made from corn starch and the waste from sunflower hulls. The NaKu company succeeded in processing the large quantities of leftovers from the food industry into plastic-free and environmentally friendly products. The resulting sacks were produced[...]

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Plastic Roads

Road surface
from plastic waste
– Plastic Roads offers an environmentally friendly solution for material use in road construction. While conventional production uses asphalt in combination with environmentally harmful petroleum, Scottish engineer Toby McCartney delivers a clever alternative made primarily from plastic waste. It is interesting to note that this new road surface is 60% harder than the classic asphalt[...]

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from used
PET bottles
– The ECO-BRICKS bricks are made of 1.2 kg of plastic waste or 20 PET bottles each. Visually, they resemble common cement bricks, but they are made from leftovers and without the use of heat. In this process, the waste is crushed and supplemented with sand, cement and water, and then formed into bricks in[...]

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Paper Bottle

Bottle from
recycled paper
– Paboco’s eco-friendly Paper Bottle water bottle is made from wood fibers harvested from sustainably managed forests. A bio-based barrier protects the material inside the paper bottle from liquid by resisting water vapor and oxygen transfer. The recyclable materials used are harmless to nature and biodegradable if they enter the environmental cycle. The production of[...]

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