The world’s first CO2-neutral foam – BioFoam consists of biopolymers, i.e. renewable, plant-based materials. This makes BioFoam the first organic-based foam that can be recycled. The material is biodegradable and can be industrially composted at high temperatures under the influence of moisture and bacteria, yet BioFoam is suitable for long-term use. #positivechange #bethechange #sustainabledesign #designforthefuture #materialinnovation #newmaterials #materialtrends #biofoam Product[...]

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MILK MaterialLab BioFoam Symbra Technology


Packaging from fungus based materials – The mycelium-derived Mushroom packaging solution (Mushroom® Packaging based on MycoComposite™) was developed by Ecovative Design in 2007 and is a more cost-effective and biodegradable alternative compared to conventional foams. Their complete compostability is particularly innovative. Based on a mixture of the fungus-cell combination mycelium and agricultural by-products oat or buckwheat hulls, Mushroom packaging is[...]

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Alginsulate foam

Foam from algae – The innovative alginsulate foam, which was developed in an exchange between TU Graz and the Universidad de Magallanes in Chile, shows the natural marine inhabitant in a new light. The algae-based packaging material is not only environmentally friendly, but is also available in unlimited quantities. In addition, algae is a rapidly renewable raw material.[...]

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