center for new packaging
– The AINIA is one of the largest European technology centers with more than 700 affiliated companies and 1,300 customers. Founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization, the Research and Development Center works to help companies develop sustainable packaging materials with improved and novel functionality. From the point of view of sustainability, biotechnology plays an[...]

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Brill Food Printer

Culinary products from the printer – The Brill Food Printer enables a variety of culinary shapes and colors with its food-grade 3D printing technology. Using this innovative technology, chefs can produce visually unusual creations for confectionery, garnishes or figurines in different sizes. The result of cooperation between the companies Brill Inc. and 3D Systems, as well as various chefs, focuses[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Brill Food printer 3DSystems

Pasta 3D Printer

Printing method for pasta – The 3D printer uses dough cartridges filled with a mixture of durum wheat flour and water. This makes it possible to produce individual pasta shapes within two minutes, which could not be realized with conventional production processes. In addition to the appearance, the taste and consistency can also convince compared to classically produced pasta.[...]

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MILK MaterialLab 3D-Pastadrucker Barilla

Chocolate Printer

3D Chocolate Printer – The 3D chocolate printing works like the 3D plastic printing. Instead of plastic, Choc Creator V2.0 Plus lets you print drawings and miniature objects out of chocolate. An initial idea for a chocolate work of art is first converted into a 3D model, and then into an instruction code that can be read by[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Chocolate Printer Choc Edge


Food printer – Foodini makes personalized food production possible with a wide range of ingredients. This efficient 3D food printer produces less waste and also leads to healthier eating due to its portioning method and processing of natural and fresh ingredients. Due to its ease of use, Foodini can be used to present food and dishes in[...]

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3D printing technology for drinkable liquids – Thanks to combined methods from the fields of robotics, life sciences and design, 3D printing makes it possible to inject precise products into edible liquids through microliter droplets rather than layer by layer. With PRINT A DRINK, fascinating, complex 3D structures can be created within one minute – without artificial ingredients. All conventional beverages[...]

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