Marine bottle

PET bottle with marine plastic content – Coca-Cola introduces the first beverage bottle to contain plastic waste from beaches and the ocean. This bottle is only a sample for now – currently no retail sale is planned. But this is the first time marine plastic has been successfully recycled into a food-grade bottle. The proportion of this material in the finished[...]

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Innovative packaging substance from fish waste and red algae – Product design student Lucy Huges’ project at the University of Sussex involves developing a novel packaging solution that is sustainable and biodegradable. More than 100 experiments required the material called MarinaTex, which is made from the agar of red algae and the proteins of fish waste. The natural raw materials of the oceans are[...]

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Water bottle
from paper
– CHOOSE is a bottle made of paper. It consists of a paper cover with a waterproof, plant-based, PET-free layer. The materials used are natural, sustainable, vegan, and degrade in a year rather than the hundreds of years it takes a plastic bottle. The paper is made from recycled newsprint, and the labels are printed[...]

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Ocean Bottle

Plastic bottle thermos – With its reusable water bottle, the Ocean Bottle company is making a contribution to counteracting the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans. Made from recycled biomaterial and plastic waste, the Ocean Bottle itself can dive into the recycling loop. The recycling idea is complemented by the promise that 1,000 more plastic bottles will be[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Ocean Bottle Ocean Plastik Bottle

Ocean Plastic Soap Bottle

Soap bottle
from recycled marine plastic
– The ocean plastic 2-in-1 dish + hand soap by method consists of recycled plastic as well as plastic collected by volunteers and clean-up groups on Hawaiian beaches. In this way, over a ton of the collected plastic was passed on to methods recycling partner Envision Plastics for further processing. The grayish color of the[...]

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