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Renewable ice cream carton – Plant-based packaging solutions provider Evergreen Packaging is helping Oatly Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert extend its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing with the renewable Sentinel™ ice cream carton. This is an environmentally friendly paper-based packaging that is coated with a renewable coating. Sugarcane-based polyethylene was used for this, making the board completely renewable because both[...]

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Paper bottles – For Seed Phytonutrients, beauty must be sustainable. Therefore, the company uses environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging for all products. We are talking about the Eco.Bottle®. It is the world’s only commercially viable paper bottle made from recycled material. This revolutionary shower-friendly paper bottle is made from 100% recycled paper with a recycled plastic[...]

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Compostable Sous vide bag – Vacuum bags are a food packaging with many advantages. For hygienic storage of food, vacuum sealing is an excellent method. Gentle cooking of food directly in the bag, which is placed in hot water for a longer period of time for this purpose (sous-vide cooking), has also become indispensable in modern kitchens and is[...]

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Trendsetting barrier packaging

FlexiblePackaging Solutions – AR Packaging (Graphic Packaging International) specializes in flexible barrier materials for chilled food, hard cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, dry mixes and coffee. The materials counteract food waste, are lightweight and optimize logistical processes. In this way, sensitive products can be packaged, protected and distributed in a way that conserves resources, is cost-effective and[...]

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Sustainable multifunctional barrier coatings – The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC is developing sustainable multifunctional barrier coatings for easily recyclable, bio-based or compostable packaging: BioORMOCER® is a bio-based, compostable coating using residual materials from food production or other biological waste streams. This coating has very good barrier properties against water vapor, oxygen, aromas and plasticizers. The coating is[...]

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Material savings due to thinner crown corks – ACTEGA DS GmbH, based in Bremen, belongs to ALTANA AG and primarily produces seals for food and beverage packaging – from jam jars to beer bottles. ACTEGA’s innovative sealants enable thinner crown caps. A hermetic closure keeps the carbon dioxide in check. The starting point for this was discussions with closure manufacturers, bottlers, and[...]

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Marine bottle

PET bottle with marine plastic content – Coca-Cola introduces the first beverage bottle to contain plastic waste from beaches and the ocean. This bottle is only a sample for now – currently no retail sale is planned. But this is the first time marine plastic has been successfully recycled into a food-grade bottle. The proportion of this material in the finished[...]

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Recyclable stand up pouch – You can’t pack more naturally – that’s how Packiro advertises its Nils. The paper pouch is made of recyclable, FSC®-certified paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. But not only this aspect is ecological. The packaging is coated to eliminate the need for an inner plastic film. Nevertheless, it brings good protective properties. An aroma[...]

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CHAMU Tea packaging

Packaging made from by-products of tea cultivation – The CHAMU material innovation was developed at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, in the tea country of Japan. The name of the newly developed material already hints at both the basic material and its future purpose, as CHAMU is made up of the Chinese phonetic spelling for tea and wood. The stalks, which are a[...]

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Crush Paper by Favini

Recycled environmentally friendly paper – Crush by Favini is an environmentally friendly paper series, which is produced entirely with green energy. 40% of the paper is post-consumer waste, which is recycled and added to the material. Organic residues from nuts or fruits are used to reduce waste and give by-products another function. Crush is FSC®-certified and available as a[...]

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Straw insulating packaging – The Landbox® is an alternative to conventional polystyrene packaging made of straw. Annually, a large amount of the agricultural by-product remains unused, as both human and animal needs have been fully met. Landpack uses 1,500 tons of straw per year to press it using thermal processes with steam and pressure. The stalks are preserved[...]

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Wool insulation packing – Woolcool’s Insulated Food Delivery Box Sets are environmentally friendly boxes with built-in wool insulation. Fleece inserts, which are filled with 100% wool, ensure a constant temperature inside the sturdy box. Available in six different sizes, Woolcool Packagings can be reused or recycled after use. They are suitable for foods such as meat, cheese, chocolate[...]

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