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Paper bag for freezer

First recyclable
Frozen paper bags
– The Special Packaging Award of the German Sustainability Award went to food manufacturer Frosta in December 2020 for its paper bag for frozen vegetables. With this special award for more sustainable product packaging ideas, the German Sustainability Award Foundation (together with REWE Group) honored packaging that does not require any plastic coating or film[...]

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Diamond Packaging Lockbox

Security packaging for cannabis – Diamond offers a wide range of cannabis packaging options made with the industry’s modern printing and decorating capabilities. Diamond’s patent-pending Lockbox® folding boxes are an upscale, CR-certified packaging solution for medical or recreational marijuana products. Diamond’s CBD packaging is ideal for hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) products that contain less than 0.3% THC. All Diamond Lockbox[...]

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Material savings due to thinner crown corks – ACTEGA DS GmbH, based in Bremen, belongs to ALTANA AG and primarily produces seals for food and beverage packaging – from jam jars to beer bottles. ACTEGA’s innovative sealants enable thinner crown caps. A hermetic closure keeps the carbon dioxide in check. The starting point for this was discussions with closure manufacturers, bottlers, and[...]

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Compostable packaging – TC Transcontinental Packaging offers responsible end-of-life solutions for flexible and compostable packaging. The VierVERTe product line convinces with sustainable solutions for dry food and snacks. As a pioneer in the development and marketing of compostable films, the company has in-depth technical knowledge when it comes to the use of compostable films on food packaging[...]

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KAIKU Living Color

Colors from food bowls – KAIKU living color is a sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum-derived paints. Using food trays from vegetables that have already been eaten offers a chemical- and toxin-free option for coloring materials. For the preparation of living colors are particularly suitable avocados, beet, onions and oranges. These are boiled so that first the juice is obtained[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Kaiku Living Color MILK-MaterialLab-Kaiku-Living-Color-5

Algae Offset Ink

Sustainable printing ink – This algae-based ink replaces petroleum-derived pigments used in conventional offset ink and, unlike them, has a much smaller carbon footprint. The project is being carried out jointly by the Patagonia brand and Living Ink. which has been developing algae-based pigments since 2013. After a successful test run, 8,000 brochures were printed on a 100%[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Algae Offset Ink Cast Iron