Compostable packaging from beer production residues – Outlander Materials has developed plastic-free packaging from brewery surplus that is edible and compostable. By using food industry scraps, Outlander Materials does not rely on virgin materials, making UnPlastic an extremely environmentally friendly product. UnPlastic is designed as an alternative to single-use plastic, for example, disposable packaging for convenience items such as cookies and[...]

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Gmund beer paper

Paper from hops, malt and pulp – The Gmund beer paper consists of hops, malt and pulp. Brewer’s grains (solid grain components of the mash), recycled beer labels and cellulose are used to produce the machine-smooth paper. The five colors named wheat, lager, pilsner as well as ale and bock can be customized using offset, screen printing or even embossing. They[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Bierpapier Gmund