Meals Without the Packaging – “NakedPak is a series of bare food dishes without any packaging.Each dish contains all the spices and flavors needed to be entirely prepared. The dish is rinsed in the sink, cooked in boiling water, and eaten! Just like an apple which is sold in bulk, exposed to dirt, carried in a bag, and rinsed[...]

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The First Drop-In Plastic Replacement Material – Xampla has developed innovative, sustainable materials that serve as high-performance alternatives to traditional plastics. These materials, produced from natural feedstocks, completely biodegrade in marine and soil environments, addressing the issue of plastic pollution. Xampla aims to combat plastic pollution by providing like-for-like plastic replacements in the natural polymers industry. They have developed industry shifting[...]

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Meal Bag

Corn starch edible packaging – Packaging as part of the food chain instead of waste – based on this idea, product designer Amelie Graf has developed a concept to reduce packaging waste. The result is Meal Bag – an edible food packaging. In this way, the designer wants to contribute to a rethinking of the way we deal with[...]

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Zero economy meal tray

Packaging concept for flight catering – As part of the research project “Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink.” developed solutions for the waste generated by air travel – as much as 5.7 million tons of cabin waste per year. The results of the agency, which specializes in the transport sector, were presented in 2019. The solutions developed focus on in-flight catering.[...]

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Customized outer packaging – The PAPACKS company wants to contribute to a packaging world without plastic as a developer, manufacturer and initiator of innovative raw materials, coatings and climate-neutral packaging and product solutions. The aim of the product solution, which is individually tailored to the application, is to ensure that the raw materials used for production can be[...]

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Compostable to-go items – The Austrian online store offers over 1,000 different compostable items for on-the-go catering – from cutlery, bowls, cups, plates and many other products made from palm leaf, sugar cane, cardboard and wood to organic waste bags and organic carrier bags. The product range from the production of international specialists is also available in smaller[...]

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That’s Caffeine

Furnishings from recycled coffee scraps – Atticus Durnell recycles coffee scraps by making furnishings such as lamps, plates and even tiles from them. By pressing these remains with resin, completely biodegradable products succeed. Subsequent sealing provides individual color in addition to water and temperature resistance. The idea of the Briton gives the previously unused waste a new functionality and thus[...]

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MILK MaterialLab ThatsCaffeine Atticus Durnell

Highlight Hemp

Luminaires from ecological remains – High Society Studio 5-piece lamp collection is produced exclusively from ecological leftovers. Materials are sourced from regional small businesses and processed using renewable energy. In the process, lights are created from hemp, tobacco, leftovers from viticulture or from hops as well as coffee residues. The Italian products are biodegradable and can easily be returned[...]

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Chicory plastic

Plastic from
Chicory waste
– Chicory is known as a salad, not so much as a raw material for plastics. The root of the plant usually ends up in the composting plant. Only a fraction is used to produce biogas from it. Researchers at the University of Hohenheim have discovered the chicory root as a resource for obtaining hydroxymethylfurfural[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Chicorée Hochschule Hohenheim


Cellulose plastic cup – AgriPlast consists of up to 75% cellulose obtained from regional meadow grass. This is embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be made of recycled materials, PP, PE, PCL or biodegradable plastics. The company offers exceptional properties compared to conventional plastics. AgriPlast has a finely grained, natural-looking surface and, like plastic, can be colored[...]

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