Oranges PET

Bioplastic bottle made from orange peel – Made purely from plant-based materials, the “green” PET bottle was designed by Pepsi to offer consumers a fully recyclable alternative to traditional PET bottles. Renewable resources such as switchgrass, pine bark and orange peel serve as feedstock and enable the production of the bioplastic through a combination of chemical and biological processes. It also[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Orangen PET Pepsi


Edible packaging
From fruits
– Originally conceived as an experiment, Harvard professor David Edwards’ edible packaging allows consumers to consume a wide variety of foods with less waste. The Gelatine WikiCells membrane shell is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic packaging due to its natural ingredients such as alginate and chitosan, as well as its plant-based additives. By[...]

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MILK MaterialLab WikiCell David Edwards