Material: Recycled Raw Materials

Peel Saver

Potatoes Held by Potatoes – Paolo Stefano Gentile concept revolves around employing this material for crafting street food packaging. The potato peel contains starches and fiber components, which, through maceration and natural drying, gain the capacity to bond and solidify. This resulting material is entirely derived from food production waste and is fully biodegradable. Once the packaging fulfills its[...]

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Sustainable takeaway packaging – greenbox© supplies the catering industry with sustainable food service packaging made from renewable or recycled raw materials, offering environmentally friendly alternatives to common to-go packaging. The majority of the products are made from vegetable raw materials. These are not only renewable, but also biodegradable. The company also ensures that the packaging materials are produced[...]

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Eine Vielfalt an Lebensmitteln präsentiert sich in nachhaltigen Schalen.


Take-Away Packaging – At Packoa, restaurateurs can source recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging solutions that make daily takeaways more environmentally friendly. The retailer from Offenbach am Main offers tableware, cutlery and special boxes for sushi and pizza made from bagasse, recycled material, PLA and bamboo. #ecofoodpackaging #takeawaypackaging #sustainabletakeaway #recycle Product Name: PackoaManufacturer: Packoa Project status: Concept //[...]

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