Material: Algae / Alginate


Meals Without the Packaging – “NakedPak is a series of bare food dishes without any packaging.Each dish contains all the spices and flavors needed to be entirely prepared. The dish is rinsed in the sink, cooked in boiling water, and eaten! Just like an apple which is sold in bulk, exposed to dirt, carried in a bag, and rinsed[...]

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Coffin Alley Project

Paper and cardboard from algae – Sargassum algae were originally found only in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. For several years, however, the population of the microalga has been moving southward, infesting the entire Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the west coast of Africa as an invasive species. The native marine ecosystem is negatively affected by the algae. Species[...]

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Agar Plasticity

Packing based on seaweed – “Agar Plasticity” is a materials research project exploring agar as an alternative to synthetic plastics. The project was awarded in the category ,ANTICIPATION’ at the Lexus Design Award 2016. Food packaging creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Agar is a traditional Japanese food that is often used to make sweets. However, it is also[...]

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Algae based
Disposable Bio-Plastic
– With the project, Margarita Talep is developing a material based on algae raw materials as a sustainable alternative for single-use plastics. The Spanish project name “” means “disappear” and indicates that it will degrade itself within 2 to 4 months, depending on its atmosphere. Externally, the material resembles commercial packaging, but it is[...]

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Algae Offset Ink

Sustainable printing ink – This algae-based ink replaces petroleum-derived pigments used in conventional offset ink and, unlike them, has a much smaller carbon footprint. The project is being carried out jointly by the Patagonia brand and Living Ink. which has been developing algae-based pigments since 2013. After a successful test run, 8,000 brochures were printed on a 100%[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Algae Offset Ink Cast Iron


Sustainable packaging solution from macroalgae – In cooperation with Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, “Mak-Pak” is a two-year scientific project – with the aim of developing a sustainably produced, disposable and, if possible, edible packaging solution from macroalgae. The area of application is the serving of food in the out-of-home consumption as well as in the snack segment. The packaging[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Mak Pak Nordsee


Sip of water
– NOTPLA’s edible packaging was described in the media as the “bottle of the future” back in 2015. With “We make packaging disappear”, the company promises to counteract packaging waste through their flexible and edible shell, thus reducing plastic use. The “unpackaged” liquids are particularly advantageous for large events and can be used in the[...]

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MILK MaterialLab OHOO Notpla

Algae Water Bottle

Bottle from
– Ari Jonsson has developed the concept for a water bottle made of agar-agar, which rots within a few days after use. For this purpose, agar-agar is brought to a boil with water and a gelled mass is formed. This is then poured into a frozen mold. Filled with water, this construct stabilizes. Without liquid,[...]

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MILK MaterialLab ager ager Ari Jonsson

Alginsulate foam

Foam from algae – The innovative alginsulate foam, which was developed in an exchange between TU Graz and the Universidad de Magallanes in Chile, shows the natural marine inhabitant in a new light. The algae-based packaging material is not only environmentally friendly, but is also available in unlimited quantities. In addition, algae is a rapidly renewable raw material.[...]

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