Milk edible packaging film – Lactips is an edible plastic made from a milk protein base and obtained in the form of pellets. The production is based on an industrial process that allows rapid production in large quantities. The thermoplastic, water-soluble pellets dissolve in both hot and cold water and are completely degradable. They also have excellent barrier properties.[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Lactips Lactips

Milk Protein Packaging

film from milk proteins
– As a natural component of milk, casein is involved in the formation of cheese or curd, i.e. in the solidification of these. Scientists in Peggy Tomasula’s research group at the American Chemical Society (ACS) have succeeded in using these proteins to create a net-like structure that allows the fabric – rolled out thinly and[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Milchprotein ACS

Milk Plastic

Products from cow’s milk protein (casein) – Milk Plastic is engaged in the manufacture of products based on casein as a starting material. For this purpose, the curd contained in surplus milk is separated from the liquid whey by applying heat. The curd obtained is then dried and processed into pellets by adding natural plasticizers. By processing the pellets into board[...]

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