Edible to go coffee cup – What to do with the disposable coffee cup when it is empty? Just eat up! Anyway, if it’s a cup from Cupffee, which is made of a delicious liquid-resistant cookie. The cookie cups are made only from natural grain products, making them equally eco-friendly and delicious. Up to 40 minutes the cups remain crispy[...]

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Edible spoons – Kulero – that’s how the word “spoon” translates in Esperanto, the language of art, and that’s also the name of the sustainable company that wants to make the usual disposable spoon of on-the-go gastronomy for ice cream or soup superfluous with edible spoons made from 100% natural ingredients. The basis of the dinner and[...]

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Eine Frau benutzt den essbaren Löffel von Kulero.


Straw insulating packaging – The Landbox® is an alternative to conventional polystyrene packaging made of straw. Annually, a large amount of the agricultural by-product remains unused, as both human and animal needs have been fully met. Landpack uses 1,500 tons of straw per year to press it using thermal processes with steam and pressure. The stalks are preserved[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Landbox Landpack

YES Straws

Sustainable straws – YES Straws are made from wheat and sugar cane straws, making them 100% plant-based. The stalks are cleaned and sterilized using the company’s proprietary technology process. For this purpose, the use of chlorine is dispensed with and a high-temperature steam is used. The reeds are sourced from the Poltava region of Ukraine, one of[...]

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MILK MaterialLab YES Straws


Edible drinking cups – Stephen and Jamie, a father-son duo from New Zealand, founded Twiice to produce edible drinking cups. The handmade and additive-free cups can be consumed after their use, avoiding any packaging waste. They are made from wheat flour, sugar, and egg and vanilla essence, making them an edible alternative to traditional plastic cups. Twiice is[...]

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MILK MaterialLab EdibleCup Twiice

HAY! Straws

Sustainable straws – The special feature of the compostable HAY! Straw wheat straws is their gluten tolerance. The bio-based grain is cut into length, rinsed several times with sterile water and thus preserved. At no time does the genetically unmodified plant come into contact with glyphosate or other chemicals. Many small Dutch farmers supply the company with[...]

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MILK MaterialLab HAY Straws


Wheat Bran Disposable Tableware – Growing up in a family that had already been running a mill for decades, Jerzy Wysocki decided to give the residual product of grain milling, wheat bran, a use. He developed a natural material from the grain shell and a small amount of water, which is suitable for use as disposable tableware by hot[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Biotrem Geschirr aus Weizenkleie MILK-MaterialLab-Biotrem-Geschirr-aus-Weizenkleie-6

LAVAZZA Cookie Cup

Cookie dough coffee cup – In 2003, Italian designer Enrique Sardi created a coffee cup for LAVAZZA, which consists of a pastry dough and special powdered sugar. The edible cookie cup can be eaten after enjoying the coffee and therefore does not produce any waste. LAVAZZA became a pioneer with this idea and has since inspired a wide variety[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Enrique Sardi for LAVAZZA Cookiecup MILK-MaterialLab-Enrique-Sardi-for-LAVAZZA-Cookiecup-4