Strong design for quick decisions. 
In the discounter aisle it is do or die.

The Hofmaier retail brand offers a wide range of good quality meats at attractive prices. As part of a product line expansion, we gave the brand a new look with a design relaunch. In hindsight, one can say: we created added value through design.


Netto Markendiscount


Packaging design

Additional services

Design vision, product range adaptation, final artwork

Every second counts in the discount chiller aisle – every fleeting glance, every movement. If you want to do well here, your products need to catch the eye, look delicious and be easy to identify. There are strict rules that must be adhered to and customers need to be convinced.

The connection between tradition and modernity was the focus of this rebrand. Increased visibility of the product also needed to make it easier to differentiate between the range and spark the appetite of shoppers.

The new label design has moved the focus back to the product itself. The customer can now see lots of the product, while the large descriptive text makes it easy to identify which type of sausage the customer is looking at. In addition, a striking colour bar system makes it easy to decode the different varieties.

The brand world is specified by a bold typography and consistent wooden texture. These elements have been used sparingly and appear modern yet also reflect the rustic snack and traditional butcher’s trade.

The new appearance has succeeded in making a very wide ranging line of products clear and easy to understand for modern discount shoppers. The brand, product labelling and mandatory information combine to form a highly functional labelling system.

So the fine speciality sausages can easily find their way to your breakfast table.

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