High C

Great attention for high C. We score with the PLUS at the POS.

hohes C juices are rich in valuable vitamins, good for the brain, the immune system and growth. That is a lot of benefits from one product. But how do you present these qualities at the POS and position the brand so it looks delicious, is easy to understand and visible? We had an idea.

High C juice

Hohes C PLUS is the perfect way to start the day thanks to the many vitamins and minerals that the drink contains. With our attention-grabbing display design, we have ensured that no one will walk past the hohes C PLUS brand at the POS.

Striking, direct and customer-focused communication makes it clear what hohes C has to offer to even the most rushed shoppers. Colourful, delicious juice variety with lots of valuable ingredients for an active lifestyle.

The clear and minimalist design focuses entirely on this core message. This juice tastes delicious and protects at the same time. The large, colorful plus sign on the displays, visible from afar, serves as a symbol for the delicious vitamin filling stations in the store. In combination with the large bottle images with colored protective sleeves, the high C displays cannot be overlooked.

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