Smart design for superfood startup.

The Munich start-up Jarmino sees every meal as a chance to do something good for your body. In order to make this mission a success, we have created a clear and confident design for the delicious, long-life soups and broths.

Jarmino soups and broths

Striking colour codes don’t just serve to make it clear and easy to differentiate between the different products; the bold colours also promise bold flavours.

Jarmino soups and broths

The mix of typographies combines a characterful logo lettering with a natural, friendly handwritten script for the brand slogan below. The result is a modern, focused food brand offering fresh ideas and a natural feel.

The design expresses both the strong, bold flavours of the food and the power of the natural ingredients.

Jarmino soups and broths

So the delicious foods from Jarmino can satisfy the taste buds of a young generation, both inside and out. Superfoods like those from Grandma’s kitchen – rediscovered and adapted to meet the needs of a new era. A great soup to serve.

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