KitKat mini

One bag. Five varieties. A colorful break.

The new Mini Mix for maximum variety. Nestlé’s KitKat Mini Mix is now hitting the shelves packaged inside our colourful pouch design to make your life more colourful. Not only do you get that characteristic “crunch” with your break, but an injection of colour, too.

As far as we’re concerned, nothing makes its way into the shopping bag before a prototype is developed. We have tinkered with the design throughout the design process, from the initial conceptual meeting where our team created quick sketches for the product to the creation of the first hand samples. Now it’s only a few steps away from becoming a shelf-ready product.

“Make your life more colourful.”

Crunchy, salty, nutty, creamy, chocolatey deliciousness. From wafer crunch to salted caramel – with the colourful minis, every break becomes a chance to indulge. The varied mix of flavours and textures makes everyday life colourful and break times into the highlight of your day.

14 KitKat Mini Bars await you in each bag. Ideal for nibbling on yourself, with friends, or on the go.

Are you more of a classic type? Or are you crazy about peanut butter? No matter, with the KitKat Mini Mix you can have them all.

KitKat Mini Mix Out of Home posters

You won’t be able to resist the POS either! This iconic snack can be found in its most colourful form in your local supermarket.

KitKat Mini Mix Display

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