This is how iced tea goes today.

The tea bag for the cold drink. We created the brand for sophisticated soft drinks with maximum convenience and a small ecological footprint. This is how iced tea goes today.


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Teatus Eistee

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We’re excited about this concept and couldn’t resist creating the boutique food brand to match. Teatus brings citrus slices – packed with flavor – to your home in dried form.

Teatus Eistee
Teatus Eistee

You’re no longer lugging around a case of water or bottled soft drinks. Our feather-light, non-refrigerated products come to your door (ordered online) or discover them in-store. At home, you mix it with water (carbonated or non-carbonated) to make the perfect soft drink.

The design sets accents on the shelf by deliberately omitting common design codes. We have put in the foreground what is inside: fruit!

This concept is fresh from our Innovation Lab – published here for the first time and currently still available. Do you feel like building a food startup with us around this case? Founders take note – we are looking for the creative entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Tea bag tasting
Teatus Eistee

Industry and trade take note: The concept is for sale. If you are interested, please contact: hello@milk-food.de

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