Food Download

3D printing technology, already the first gadget to give techies and nerds warm hearts, could in the future turn the way we produce, transport and market our food upside down. If we succeed in encoding food and its tastes, smells, textures, etc. with the help of complex algorithms, culinary digitization will continue to advance. And what already made a lasting impression at SXSW in 2018 with a concept demonstration called “Sushi Teleportation” could be everyday life the day after tomorrow. Open Meals, a Japanese company dedicated to the digitization of food and the food industry, demonstrated the world’s first “food data transmission” at the time, after which a sushi handcrafted in Japan could be eaten a short time later via data transmission and 3D printer in Austin, Texas. According to the Open Meals, “Social Food Network Services” are the future of our food.

Best Practices: OPEN MEALS

Photo: Horecatrends