Smartness Everywhere

KitchenAid was just the beginning. Within the next few years, kitchens will become increasingly digitalized, connected and intelligent as part of the connectivity megatrend. Whether it’s a Smart Fridge, Smart Table or Smart Cooking Station, each device communicates with the others and with the user’s smartphone, transforming people in the kitchen from cooks to managers. Based on cameras and sensors, the refrigerator recognizes which foods are popular to buy, which are about to expire, and which are about to run out. When food is placed on the worktop, it recognizes the food and uses augmented reality beamers to display possible processing methods and possible combinations with other foods on the free surface, determines the maximum preparation time using a projected timer, and provides suitable recipes. And as these technologies continue to develop, the fully automated kitchen robot for the home stove is not far off.

The kitchen becomes intelligent

Best Practices: IKEA

Photo: IKEA